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Unlock New Opportunities for Your Business! Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Here at MV Mall, we’re ready to help you achieve success. And the best part? We offer a range of exclusive benefits that make all the difference for entrepreneurs like you.

Why Choose MV Mall:

Instant Customer Base:

By joining the MV Mall platform, you’ll have instant access to a vast customer base eager for your offerings. Our growing community of consumers is always on the lookout for new things, and your store will have immediate visibility to thousands of potential buyers.

Sell through Payroll Deduction:

We’re the only platform offering innovative payroll deduction payment. This means your customers can make their purchases easily and conveniently, with the amount deducted directly from their payments, without worrying about credit cards or invoices.

No Chargebacks:

Here, you don’t need to worry about chargebacks. We guarantee secure and hassle-free transactions, protecting your earnings and providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Zero Fraud:

Our delivery system to the employee’s residential address completely eliminates the risk of fraud. Your products reach the customers’ hands directly, ensuring a safe and reliable shopping experience.

Payments Cleared D+1 (Business days)

Experience the efficiency of having your receivables cleared within one day of the transaction. Whether you’re awaiting payments from online transactions, invoices, or any other source, rest assured that your receivables will be processed and settled by the following day. Bid farewell to extended waiting periods and uncertainties surrounding your financial transactions.

Disability Insurance

Experience peace of mind with our disability insurance package, offering coverage for up to two years. In the event of illness or injury that renders you unable to work, rest assured knowing that a portion of your income will be replaced, providing financial stability during challenging times.

How to Get Started:

  1. Register: Sign up on our platform and enjoy all the benefits we offer to our business partners.
  2. Set Up Your Store: Customize your store according to your brand and add your products to attract customers.
  3. Start Selling: With our exclusive features and continuous support, you’ll be ready to reach new levels of success in your business.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to expand your company safely and confidently. Join us at MV Mall and discover the full potential we can offer to your business!


Store setup and avatar – USD 997.00 (includes photo session of articles and virtual sales assistant)
Management fee – 4% of gross revenue.

This level offers visitors a rich 3D experience within the metaverse mall, allowing shoppers to explore immersive 3D environments, view products with stunning 3D details, and interact with 3D avatars of store assistants and other shoppers.


  • Virtual Store Creation (Create the Store of Your Dreams)
  • Smart Avatar (virtual salesperson)
  • Photo session
  • Virtual fitting room
  • Interactive catalog with shopping cart and payment processor
  • Disability Insurance (up to 2 years)
  • Offer your customers the MV Fidelity program for free and provide exclusive rewards.

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